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Understanding ‘Melukat’

‘Melukat’ is part of the Manusa Yadnya (holy sacrifice which dedicated to human being) ceremony . Melukat aims to cleanse and purify the human body and soul in order to preventing from havoc, bad luck and sickness. The havoc caused by acquired activities and sins, whether originating from the remainder of the previous acts (in the past life / sancita karmaphala) or from acts in his life now (prarabda karmaphala)

Melukat derived from the word “lukat”, derived on Balinese-Kawi (old Javanese languages) dictionary means “bersihin, ngicalang” (in Balinese language) “to cleanse or purified (in English). In the Indonesian Dictionary, the word ‘lukat’ means ‘letting go’ (to releasing some stuff), then get the prefix ‘me‘ becomes ‘melukat’, which means doing a job to release something ‘negative’ in the body and soul, through a religious ritual

The Meaning of ‘Melukat’

The ‘melukat’ ritual means as an efforts of achieving self-purification . These efforts should be sought in accordance with the Lontar (palmleaf scripture)”Dharma Kahuripan” which essentially describes how “human spiritual maintenance”, started from the womb until the end of his life.

Thus, the melukat ceremony can be performed many times, according to the situation and needs and goals. Melukat means as a cleansing and purification in spiritual and physical, as it is written in the Manawa Dharmasastra manuscript, Chapter V verse 109, states as follows:

“Adbir gatrani cuddhayanti manah satyena cuddhyati, vidyatapobhyam buddhir jnanena cuddhyatir.


“The body washed with water, the mind cleansed with honesty , the soul cleansed with the science and tapasya, reasonable cleansed with wisdom. “

The deep meaning of this verse told that melukat are in use water to cleaning the body physical (sekala) and psychological (niskala) , while for the medium are using “Tirtha Penglukatan”, which first filed with Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa (God Almighty) blessings first, through prayer, (puja) worship and (mantra) spell by a priest (peranda, balian or pemangku).

Yoga Healing Bali meditasi Aura Ubud retreat Workshop Natural IndonesiaMelukat Ceremony Type

There are 7 different types of melukat ceremonies , in terms of implementation and objectives ceremony:

1. Melukat Astupungku

aim to cleanse and purify one’s evil influence caused by the birth day and Tri Guna (Three material cause on living things=satwam, rajas, Tamas), are not balanced in human body. In accordance with the instructions in Lontar Astupungku.

2. Melukat Gni Anglayang

The goal of this ceremony is medical treatment of a person who is afflicted with the disease. This ritual Implementation is done by a Balian or dukun (shaman) who perform traditional treatments. In accordance with’Lontar Putusan Kala Gni Chandra Bhairawa’.

3.Melukat Gomana

the aim is for the redemption of ‘oton’ (day of birth ), caused by bad influences from wewaran and Wuku (day of birth). Sapta wara includes Wewaran and Wuku (birth day accordings to traditional Balinese Calendar).

4. Melukat Surya Gomana

the goal is to remove ‘stains’ and ‘dirt’ on baby. The ceremony is held at ‘mapetik’ or ‘nyambutin’ (new born), ‘tutug tigang Sasih’ (three days) and ‘nelu bulanin’ (3 months) ceremony .

5. Melukat Semara Beda

aims to cleanse the kama jaya (the groom) and the kama ratih (the bride) from the ‘stains’ and ‘dirt’ (mala) in pawiwahan (traditional Balinese wedding ceremony).

6. Melukat Nawa Ratna

Melukat Prabhu Wibuh and Nawa Ratna aims to ask the leaders, so that in furture they performing their duties to get the glory and prosperity. The ceremony is also called ‘mejaya-mejaya’.






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