Balinese Yoga Massage Healing.

Yoga Healing Bali meditasi Aura Ubud retreat Workshop Natural IndonesiaWhat is Balinese Yoga Massage?

Centuries ago, a dynamic bodywork therapy based on yoga and Ayurveda was born in the traditionj of Bali. In this unique healing system of Balinese Yoga Massage -the practitioner guides the recipient through a series of yoga postures while palming and thumbing along the body’s energy (“Prana”) lines and pressures points. Together these actions result in a comprehensive full body treatment that relieves muscular tension, improves circulation, boosts the immune system and balances the body energetically. Balinese Yoga Massage is performed on a mat on the floor; both client and practitioner are dressed in comfortable clothing allowing ease of movement and flexibility. No oils or creams are used.

The Ayurvedic Link

The therapeutic basis of Balinese Yoga Massage is rooted in the Indian healing tradition of Ayurveda. The word ayurveda derives from two Sanskrit words: ayur, meaning “life” and veda, meaning “knowledge”. Thus, this science of living functions as a guide to the proper maintenance of life.

According to Ayurveda, each individual is composed of one or a combination of any of the three doshas (body types) of vata (air-ether), pitta (fire-water) and/or kapha (earth-water). Tapping into the ancient knowledge of the tridoshas enables practitioners to treat each person according to their unique constitution.

One aspect of the YOGA HEALING BALI  method is to reconnect each Balinese Yoga Massage posture with its tridoshic composition. For example, the rhythm and intensity of each pose is guided by Ayurvedic principles of constitution: slow and gentle for vata, nonvigorous and relaxing for pitta, energetic and uplifting for kapha. Every time a person is brought into a yoga posture one or all of the doshas is activated.

A recipient’s energy can be balanced by applying postures of the opposite nature that will strengthen his/her weaker dosha(s); for example, for a fast-paced nervous vata type the practitioner would apply slow, gentle soothing postures.

Yoga Healing Bali meditasi Aura Ubud retreat Workshop Natural Indonesia

The origins of traditional Balinese Yoga Massage can be traced back 2,500 years. It is an ancient form of therapeutic healing that has roots in Indian Ayurvedic medicine. The founding father of Balinese Yoga Massage, Guru Made Sumantra, was a celebrated yogi and a Healer in the Balinese healing tradition .



Yoga Healing Bali meditasi Aura Ubud retreat Workshop Natural Indonesia


  1. Balinese Yoga Massage Therapy  by Guru Made Sumantra Rp: 300.000/hour.
  2. Certification Bali Usada Massage Healing Training,  Rp: 1.500.000/4 hours.
  3. Certification Balinese Yoga Massage Therapist Training Rp: 1.500.000/4 hours.
  4. Certification Dasa vayu energy Healing Training Rp: 1.500.000/ 4 hours.

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